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50 years of pastry-making
Jesoldolce opened as an artisan pastry shop in the heart of Jesolo in 1961. Thanks to the idea of pre-risen products, the business quickly changed from a small shop to a modern industry that maintained the secrets and flavours of traditional pastry-making. As Jesoldolce grew, its facilities were equipped with the best industrial machinary, but it is primarily the skill of the workers and expertise in producing pastry doughs that continue to make the difference today.
The secret to authenticity

The ingredients that we use are the result of continuous research and a commitment to creating delicious, authentic products – the best butter, premium jams, flours having the finest organoleptic properties 

(including flours from ancient grains, type “1” Italian flour and Durum wheat semolina flour), natural flavourings and no colourings. True to our artisan roots and guided by technical knowledge and experience, we focus on authentic, high-quality foods because the products come first at Jesoldolce.
Thanks to our long tradition and experienced pastry-makers, we still make use of exquisite recipes that are now “historical”, but also have the creativity and skill to regularly create new ones. Food technicians in our in-house laboratory continually investigate and research new products, experimenting and striving to satisfy customer needs and market trends, with an increasing focus on healthy, authentic products.

People are undoubtedly one of our “special ingredients”. The quality of our products depends greatly on our employees, some of whom have been with the company since the beginning. At Jesol Dolce, professionalism and experience are a winning combination. 

When we speak of people, we are also thinking of our long-term clients who are loyal to our delicious products. Finally, there are the people we would like to meet, new partners interested in offering better, high-quality products to their customers.